Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness: The Keys To Success

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a piece of information that has the potential to change your life forever.

That is what this article is here to do.

Today, we’re going to be breaking down the 4 cores of your LIFE and how to excel in each one.

My name is Matthew Carter and I’m here to give you the life you KNOW you are capable of and deserve.

Let’s begin.

The 4 Cores Explained

Oftentimes, people have a general idea of the things they want in life…

Some people want a nice car… Others want a nice girlfriend… And some might just want to get in the BEST shape of their lives.

And while all of these are fine and obviously an AMAZING first step, they are usually only 1 piece of a life filled with happiness, success and abundance.

A life that’s fulfilling unto itself MUST abide by these 4 cores:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Dating / Relationships
  • Happiness / Spirituality

Chances are if you’re not happy, or where you want to be in life, it can 99.99% of the time be attributed to these categories, you just need to figure out which, and execute on it.

When all of these are in sync, you’re spirit so to speak is literally on fire.

In psychology, this is known as the “winner effect”, where because you succeed in one area it gives you the confidence you need to be all the more likely to succeed in OTHER areas.

Allow me to explain by comparing two fictional people… Matthew and Miles.

Miles Example

Let’s say you take two different people, we’ll call them Matthew and Miles. We’ll start with Miles.

Miles is unaware of the idea of health, wealth, love, and happiness and therefore (assuming he’s an ambitious man) tends to pursue his goals out of balance.

And so one year, he decides to get in AMAZING shape!

And boy he does…

He gets his diet down PAT, he starts hitting the gym 5 days a week and consuming as many fitness supplements as he can get his hands on.

His friends invite him to go out a few times, but unfortunately, Miles is a “hustler” and “doesn’t have time for beta male activities” like partying right?

At first, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, if Miles has good friends then they’ll respect him and his goals, but eventually Miles decides that even HANGING OUT with “low value” dudes is bad, and so he cuts contact altogether to focus on his health.

His friends are hurt, but Miles is making great progress, so in his mind it’s justified.

But one day things change…

One day Miles looks at himself in the mirror and he sees that he’s more or less satisfied with the weight he’s at and doesn’t have as much motivation to hit the gym anymore, so he calls up his friends but they’ve moved on at that point.

Over time, Miles gets lonelier and isolated, until eventually he gets depressed and loses motivation to do ANYTHING.

Because of this, he starts slacking at the gym, barely puts in any effort at work, and settles for a really bitchy girlfriend because at least he’s not alone.

But later on, after developing a relationship based on toxic neediness, she dumps him, leaves him an emotional WRECK, and to cope, he starts drinking and becomes an alcoholic to numb the pain.

After a few weeks, Miles is out of shape, depressed, and the times when he ISN’T thinking about “ending it all” he’s absolutely wasted, which of course just makes his other problems even worse.

Does this sound like an extreme example? In some ways it is, but it’s also a VERY real reality for many men.

This is becoming more and more popular among young men, as the fitness & bodybuilding side of social media basically conditions men to use depression for motivation.

It’s sickening and quite literally poisoning the minds of young men, but they think it’s helping just because they’re hitting the gym.

Matthew Example

Now let’s take Matthew who’s read this article and understands that ULTIMATE success lies in the “sweet spot” of the 4 cores: Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

Matthew ALSO decides that very same year to get into good shape, and at first he does the same things that Miles does. He gets his diet down, gets the right supplements, hits the gym often, etc.

Unlike Miles however, he also understands that balance is key and that neglecting any core of life will lead to unsustainable results.

So when his friends invite him to go partying on a Friday night he thinks “Yknow, I’ve been really on top of my game this week and if I stay away from the alcohol and drugs I can STILL have an AMAZING night with my friends”.

So Matthew goes to this party with his friends and they all have a GREAT time, they’re jumping and singing to the blasting music, interacting with everyone else there, and even start flirting with girls that they think are cute, while acting as wingmen for each other.

Because of this, Matthew ends up making out with a beautiful girl who just earlier was laughing when Matthew was flexing his muscles as a joke.

After a while, Matthew picks up this beautiful girl and starts dancing WHILE holding her and she LOVES it, she’s cracking up laughing and having a great time saying “Oh my god haha, how are you so strong?!”

Fast forward to the next day, and Matthew wakes up feeling AMAZING from the night out last night.

He realizes that he can make this a routine. So he works out most days of the week and then has fun with his friends on weekends.

Because he’s sober at these parties too, he ends up meeting other cool dudes who decide to help Matthew start his own business and make some passive income.

After about a year, because Matthew is making more money, and his results are sustainable, he’s eating the BEST foods, working out at the BEST gyms, and treating himself and his friends to the BEST nightclubs.

All this because he understood the value of improving the 4 cores of his life: Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness.

Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness

Hopefully, now you can see the value of improving each, as opposed to focusing on just one.

Something that people often forget to mention is that improving one indirectly leads to the improvement of another.

For example, when you get your health down, now you have more energy for your business and you also look more attractive which will be great for your dating life.

This is why it’s so key to improve EVERY area, as they ALL tie into each other.

If you’re dating life is great but your health is shit, good luck having the energy for a thriving social circle and staying up all night having adventures with friends or women.

If your finances are great but your social circle sucks, then you’ll never be able to utilize the value of NETWORKING and getting access to people above you.

I could give a ton more examples, but the key lesson is that they ALL tie into one another, so make a conscious effort to improve each one.

Now, that’s enough explaining the why, because now we’re going to be diving DEEP into the schematics of each and how to evolve in each of these 4 cores: Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness.

First up, is health.

Part 1: Health


We’re starting off this series with HEALTH as I personally believe it is an amazing foundation to start with as it has amazing ROI and is generally the easiest to improve for most people.

While we won’t be going into the exact step-by-step processes for holistic health, I’ll give you a brief outline here.

But what IS good health? As we talked about earlier, it’s not JUST about hitting the gym.

REAL health is energy. Period. And what I’m about to say, you REALLY need to let sink in.

99% of people can’t handle REAL energy.

The average person will hear this and go “But-but-but, I drink 4 cups of coffee a day, and I’m plenty energized durrrr” That’s fake energy.

Real energy, if you’re a guy, is PURE libido channeled properly, this is why I say 99% of guys can’t handle real energy, it would be FAR too much for them.

The average guy if I could just wave a magic wand and give him an elite level of health, would FREAK the fuck out.

When a guy isn’t used to having libido/ energy COURSING through his veins, what’s the first thing he does?

Porn and masturbation.

He can’t handle it. His body can’t sustain REAL energy and he feels like it needs to be “emptied” as opposed to allowing it to circulate freely through his body, animating his life and actions.

Why do you think most guys can’t handle NOFAP (the idea where you refrain from porn and masturbation for 90 days)?

When you’re in a lower level of being or consciousness, that extra energy is interpreted as STRESS by your mind, which is why it feels SO uncomfortable for a lot of guys when they reach around day 7 or so of nofap.

Now what if you took that guy who already struggles with nofap, and then you TRIPLED his testosterone and QUADRUPLED his libido, not even joking.


So the first part to achieving REAL health is to understand that even if you’ve been bodybuilding, and eat chicken and brown rice 3 times a day, that there’s another level beyond THAT.

How To Achieve Real Health

I won’t go to deep into the specifics here as that’s what the whole “health” section of this blog is about, but I’ll still lay out a few of the basics.

For starters, understand that your diet affects your mood WAY more than you think.

We’re talking about curing lifelong anxiety and depression with just a few simple dietary tweaks.

You THINK you’re depressed or have anxiety. And to be fair, you might actually.

But before you make that assumption just TRY the following principles for a WEEK and see if you still have the same issues:

  • Consume Vitamin D (Best way is sun exposure for 20 minutes a day)
  • Make A Greens Juice Daily (Add kale and ginger as a MINIMUM, then experiment with adding other stuff)
  • Strength Train 3-5 Days A Week
  • Go For A Jog EOD
  • Get 8-9 Hours Of Sleep
  • Consume Healthy Fats (Avocados, Coconut Oil, Almonds, etc.)

I guarantee that if it doesn’t get rid of your problems COMPLETELY then it will reduce them by about 80-90%.

Seriously, watch your social anxiety melt away when you follow this. Watch yourself become naturally motivated to improve your life, meet people, etc.

One last thing to note, do NOT fall into the trap of “Oh, well I do bodybuilding and get lots of protein, he’s probably just talking about those OTHER people”.

No, I’m talking to the average male bodybuilder too, don’t settle for what you have right now, bite the bullet and take your health to the next level NOW.

Part 2: Wealth


The first thing to bring up when it comes to wealth, is I want you to not think of wealth in terms of money… That’s finances.

Instead, start thinking of wealth = freedom.

Freedom to travel, freedom to get all the right fitness supplements, freedom to do whatever you want with your time, with WHOEVER you want.

If you’re a neurosurgeon making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, but you are CONSISTENTLY called in to do 36-hour (or more) shifts then you are not wealthy.

So the first step to wealth is to see it for what it really is. It’s not Benjamin Franklin, or 1’s and 0’s, it’s FREEDOM.

Wealth As A Mindset

Let’s try another thought experiment…

Do you think if Mark Cuban got transported into your body, your life, and your environment, he would make more money than you currently do right now?

Probably so.

This isn’t something to get butthurt about, it’s something that should make you ask “Why is that?”.

Your mind has something called a Reticular Activation System or RAS for short.

It’s there to help you filter out information that isn’t useful to you or more accurately, isn’t useful to your conscious AND subconscious mind.

Years ago, there was a video that you would watch and you were asked to count in a group of people how many times the people in that group who wore white shirts passed a ball to each other…

During the video, as you would be so focused on the people in white shirts counting how many passes they made, you would likely be shocked to find out that during the video, a guy dressed in a gorilla suit walked right through the middle of the group and you may not have even noticed.

This is your RAS at play and I need you to seriously lock in again right now…

Your RAS will filter out information that could potentially make you MILLIONS of dollars simply because of your social/ childhood conditioning and overall psychology.

For example, if you were to raise a kid, and you told him all throughout his life that money was the root of all evil, then how likely do you think it is that he will want to get rich?

The funny part is, is that they may still want to get rich after they move out of their parents’ house, but if “money is the root of all evil” is in their subconscious, then they may SAY “of course I want to make a million dollars!” but his subconscious would say “yeahhhh but you don’t want to be the root of all evil do you? I mean, what would your PARENTS think?”.

If that’s in his subconscious then his RAS will literally be PROGRAMMED to filter out financial opportunities.

This is a VERY deep concept however and understand that many gurus will charge TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars (or more) to their clients because this is such a profound concept.

You don’t need to pay someone tens of thousands of dollars… Yet. But be aware that if Mark Cuban was transported into your body right now and started making money, then it’s because there’s something in your subconscious that is filtering out the same opportunities that he WOULD see as he has a completely different RAS.

Wealth is more than finances, it’s a mindset and psychology. The more you research/ meditate on that the more it will start to make sense in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Part 3: Social Skills & Dating Life


Something that SO many people neglect when it comes to success and self-development is the importance of having mastery over one’s social skills/dating life.

Your dating/ social life is arguably one of if not the MOST potent forms of self-development out there as it’s incredibly spiritual in nature.

“Spiritual in nature? How is learning how to pick up chicks spiritual in nature??” While I don’t mean exclusively picking up girls, it certainly still applies.

When you take the time to cultivate social skills, one of the first things that it will teach you is how much your overall VIBE plays out in a social interaction.

Learning to be socially calibrated will fine-tune your intuition as well, making it 100x easier to identify whether someone is being scammy or authentic with you.

As another thought experiment, (that you will find more often is simply fact) your social/dating life is a microcosm of your overall life.

This means that if you’re not really confident putting yourself out there, or being assertive with women, then chances are you aren’t being confident and assertive in the rest of your life!

When you’re not confident or assertive, you won’t try new things, you won’t start your own business, you won’t ask for a promotion, you won’t push yourself to achieve NEARLY as hard, you won’t have an amazing and thriving sex life, you’ll tolerate other guys walking over you, you might even tolerate women disrespecting you…

Need I go on? The point is, if you want to find out where you TRULY stand in life, then look at your dating life, as NOTHING will reflect your own weaknesses and strengths back to you as clearly.

Next Level Social Skills

There are many social principles that are very spiritual in nature, such as the idea of being 100% okay with who you are and being literally UNFAZED by whatever women or life can throw at you because you’re grounded within yourself.

There’s also the idea of clarity of intent.

Have you ever tried to tell someone something or get them to do a certain action and a part of you just didn’t really feel aligned with it? Chances are the person didn’t respond that favorably when that happened.

On the other hand, have you ever felt 100% aligned with what you’re doing and saying, such as if you go and ask a girl for her number with ZERO fear or internal resistance?

What you’ll find is that 99% percent of the time, she’ll respond VERY favorably.

This is the idea of clarity of intent, it means being 100% aligned in your thoughts, words, and actions and is the ultimate goal not only for your social life, but your life as a WHOLE.

When you act with this pure clarity of intent, you will find that life will literally seem to bend to your will. When you have ZERO inner resistance you feel as if you are literally creating outcomes out of thin air.

Again, the best way to illustrate this is try asking out a girl when you’re kind of “out of it” so to speak, chances are it won’t go amazing.

But if you take that EXACT same girl, and you say something like “Hey, I thought you were cute and I want to grab your number, is that cool” and you say it with 100% presence and clarity of intent then I literally CHALLENGE you to fail, when you are aligned.

You don’t even need to say that much, you could literally just say “Hey, gimme your number” not in an asshole-type way, but where you’re 100% non-needy, not ashamed of who you are, or your attraction to that woman, and if you’re that aligned I guarantee you it will work.

To be honest, when you get into truly ELITE level social skills, the types of things you can do are actually kind of scary when you think about it, and that’s when you need to adopt a level of responsibility, because as cheesy as it sounds “with great power comes great responsibility”.

I won’t get too deep into it right now, but understand that elite-level social skills can get… Pretty crazy.

Part 4: Spirituality & Happiness

Spirituality and happiness

Lastly, we have spirituality and happiness. I grouped these two together because while they are different, they have a LOT of overlap.

Understand however that out of everything on this list, when it comes to being successful, spirituality and happiness are by FAR the most important things to focus on.

Health is extremely important too, as without it you won’t have the energy to improve the other areas, but if you’re too depressed and apathetic to make a change then it really doesn’t matter.

Overall there are a TON of spiritual concepts to go over but here’s the core of what we’ll be focusing on:

  • Abundance
  • Presence
  • Ego Death
  • Letting Go

If your other 3 cores are at rock bottom, but you’ve got your spirituality down PAT, then you can’t even imagine how fast your life will improve, it’s literally like pouring gasoline over a fire.

Something I want to mention, however, is when I say spirituality, a lot of people get the idea of a hippie charging their crystals while going “Ohmmm…” and find the idea repulsive.

If this is you, simply substitute the term spirituality for happiness, as everything I’m about to discuss has deep roots in actual scientific data and psychology.


The idea of abundance is another way of opening up your RAS (remember that?).

If you TRULY believe that life offers you very little and that the universe is against you rather than on your side, then your mind will not only filter out the good stuff, but it will seek out experiences that VALIDATE this idea.

This idea that life offers very little and that real abundance is only for the top 1% is an idea that’s also known as the ego which we’ll talk more about later.

Have you ever met someone that in one area of their life, they’re just completely fucking stupid? Where you’re watching and you’re just like “why are you doing that to yourself, just do x,y,z, and you’ll literally be fine”.

This is an example of how someone’s mind can be their own worst enemy, and how the ego and idea of scarcity will literally SEEK OUT ideas and experiences that reinforce these negative beliefs.

Keep in mind that it’s ALWAYS easier to see it in other people than it is to see in yourself.

“Do not point out the chip in your brother’s eye without first removing the plank from your own”. Matthew 7:3-5

Abundance on the other hand, is when a seemingly “negative” experience is reframed into a positive one and you TRULY believe it.

One guy in scarcity gets rejected by a girl and thinks “Sighh… Yep that’s just me, guys like me never get the girl and the sooner I accept it the less pain I’ll feel”

As opposed to a guy in an abundance mindset that gets rejected… “Oh, that sucks for her, I really could’ve been the best thing in her life” this then gives that guy even MORE confidence. Do you see the point?

A good quote to ponder when it comes to abundance is “The rich get richer and poor get poorer”. And if you’re first thought is that “It’s cause the system is RIGGED against us!”

First of all yeah, you’re probably right, but that shouldn’t be the core of your life and what you focus on.

Remember, abundance and being poor is a mindset that tends to manifest in one’s external reality.


Presence is the idea that you are not anxiously awaiting the future nor dwelling in sorrow over the past, but being and embracing everything that is the NOW.

The idea of being 100% present means that you are completely at ease. This means no social anxiety, no depression, and instead means happiness, confidence, and more.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

-Lao Tzu

However those words do not do the feeling of being present justice, as the feeling of true presence is something that cannot be explained in normal terms, it is more so felt.

Understand that presence is everyone’s true nature, like a child. It is only through time, conditioning, and trauma that we start to deviate to presence being the exception rather than the rule.

Presence is also the most addictive state there is. Presence IS the flow state, and just as you can get deeper into the flow state, you can get deeper and deeper into the present moment.

For a great book on this topic, I would highly recommend reading The Power of Now if you haven’t yet. It is a book filled with deep and profound wisdom within every single sentence.

A word of warning though, your ego will NOT like the book. I remember when I first read the book as a teenager I got EXTREMELY agitated, and depressed before I had my first real ego death which we’ll talk about next.

Just understand that this book is like kryptonite to Superman or even the cross to that lady in the exorcist, your ego will HATE it and very strongly resist the ideas presented in the book if it’s your first time being exposed to the idea of true presence.

Ego Death

Ego death is something you’ll experience whether you take the spiritual path or not. In fact, chances are, you’ve felt some kind of ego death in your life before already.

Ego death is when your old identity dies off, and there are many different forms that it can take, but understand one thing.

While being one of the most rewarding things in your spiritual self-development journey, it will also be one of the most painful experiences and I don’t mean physically.

Sometimes ego death will be subtle where a small chunk of your personality will “fall away” as it no longer serves you and you’ll be left with “Huh, I miss when I used to be like x,y,z.” as long it’s real ego death and not just you falling victim to bad habits and negative downward spirals.

However, then there are the more intense versions of ego death which I cannot stress enough, will literally feel like you are DYING and it is NOT a fun experience at the time, but will MASSIVELY aid you in your journey long-term.

These massive forms of ego death can occur if you take a MASSIVE dose of psychedelics in which you may even hallucinate your old self “burning off”.

Not necessarily in a bad way, but more like your shedding skin. However, this can leave many users with intense feelings of depression and disassociation afterward.

Another way ego death can happen is when something traumatic happens TO THE EGO.

A good example of this is if you take a guy who’s “on top of the world” so to speak, surrounded by beautiful women, money, drugs, etc… And because of it he derives his sense of self (ego) from these external sources.

But then say something happens and he loses EVERYTHING… The women, his friends, money, social status, his entire FUTURE PLANS just GONE.

It’s funny because to the ego, this will be the most traumatic thing in the world for it, and depending on how attached the guy was (which in this example was pretty fucking attached) then he will experience a deep depression like no other.

Without going too deep into it, this was my experience. And at the time it truly was the most painful thing in the world. I got very depressed and I missed the “wolf of wall street”-esque life I used to live, but my ego had to die and it did.

After dealing with all that however, it allowed me to tap into a MUCH more powerful form of living, consciousness, purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And guess what? I still aim to live that lifestyle as it’s EXTREMELY fun and rewarding, but it’s different now as I’m not attached to it anymore, I don’t seek it for self-validation like in the past.

And that’s what ego death will do to you. It will feel like literal hell on earth sometimes, but afterward, as you shed the skin of your lesser self, you tap into something MUCH more powerful that can be hard to describe but I hope one day you experience it as well.

Letting Go

Lastly, we have one of the most profound and powerful methods of transformation out there – Letting Go.

As cheesy as it sounds, if you want money, women, success, fame, whatever, you NEED to learn how to harness this power.

Believe me, I’m not trying to turn you into some soy boy who talks about his feelings all day, I’m putting you onto the game that rich and successful people know so that YOU can tap into it yourself.

The idea of letting go is that you have trauma, usually from childhood, that runs you till this day.

For example, many people have a DEEP seeded fear of public speaking, as if they were going to DIE.

Let me ask you something… Is that fear realistic? HELL no. That’s what’s called triggered fear.

Maybe when you were younger you gave a presentation at school and you said something dumb and the whole class laughed at you.

Well guess what, as a kid, that classroom is basically your entire WORLD and as a child, it can be a VERY traumatic experience.

The problem however is when it leads to a LIFELONG fear of public speaking… That’s NOT real fear, that’s triggered fear.

As another example, I know guys who would go bungee jumping before they would ever go say “hi” to a girl they liked… Think about that.

Guys would literally rather jump off a FUCKING BRIDGE than go say hi to a woman.

Something about that should make you think “huh, why is it that I experience fear like I’m about to DIE when approaching a woman?”

It’s because deep down, you’ve been repressing the feelings of hurt from other times you may have been rejected, and deep down you’re scared that if she rejects you that all these feelings of intense hurt will come flooding back up.

I repeat, you are NOT scared of approaching women, you do NOT have “terrible social anxiety”, you just have trauma that at the time, you couldn’t process and chose to repress it, which later comes up as felt social anxiety or fear.

That’s where letting go comes in. Two great books on this topic is Power vs. Force and Letting Go, both by Dr. David R. Hawkins and I would HIGHLY recommend checking them out if you’re serious about your results in life.

When you start to let go, you will experience ego death, but it will also open up your RAS.

What this will feel like is as if you’ve been living with blinders your whole life, and you finally decide to just take them off and see the world for what it really is.

Something happens when you do this too… Things seem to “magically” right themselves the more and more you let go.

You don’t need discipline to go hit the gym anymore as now you’re just motivated to take care of yourself.

You don’t feel the need to indulge in negative foods, substances, or people anymore either as you simply don’t RESONATE with it anymore.

It’s very easy to not attribute the results to letting go, as when you let go, it’ll feel like “it’s just always been this way” because you’ve fully let it go from your consciousness.

It’s only when you’ve been happily putting one foot in front of the other and you look back at your footprints that reminds you how far you’ve come.

In Conclusion

In this first article, we laid out the foundation of everything you need to live an abundant and happy life.

While we looked at a few brief outlines of how to progress through each, we didn’t dive too deep as that’s what the rest of MatthewMentoring.Com is for.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this article and will not take the advice presented here lightly as it has the power to DRASTICALLY alter the course of your entire life.

I thank you for reading this far and joining me on this journey.

Until Next Time,

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